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March 2021

05 March 2021

Please note that the dates specified are the dates the detail was changed on this website and are not specifically when the event happened. The actual event stated in the detail section would have occurred between the date stated below and the previous site update date.


Greater Anglia


Has today been transferred from Ilford EMUD to Ely Papworth Sidings for store

Greater Anglia

317708 / 317708 / 317710 / 317714 / 317719 / 317723 / 317729

Each of these ex London Overground units are now in service with GA (thank you to the anonymous user who submitted this info via our Gen Submit page)

Greater Anglia

321345 / 321435

Both of these units have today been transferred from the sidings at Parkeston Quay to Sims Metals at Newport Docks for scrapping

Railway Support Services


This shunter has now transferred from Bounds Green TMD to Norwich Crown Point TMD

Railway Support Services


Has now departed from Norwich Crown Point TMD and has moved to Eastleigh Works

Railway Support Services


Back on the 26th February 2021, we reported that this shunter had left Longport EMD but we didn't have any idea of it's destination. Well, thanks to the help of others, we have been able to locate this as now being at Wishaw

Transport for Wales


This unit has become the first of the class to receive the TfW Red, White & Grey colour scheme having previously been in the ATW Dark & Light Blue colours. It has also undergone an intensive internal refurbishment! (Thanks to Trainspotter2004 on Train Siding for this infomation)

West Midlands Railway


Having recently undertaken test runs on the Old Dalby test track, this new unit has today commenced mainline testing with workings between Crewe-Liverpool-Birmingham

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