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May 2021

18 December 2021

Please note that the dates specified are the dates the detail was changed on this website and are not specifically when the event happened. The actual event stated in the detail section would have occurred between the date stated below and the previous site update date.


Crewe Heritage Centre


This loco has now been unveiled in it's new Virgin Trains Red & Black livery at the Crewe Heritage Centre having undergone a repaint from it's previous BR Blue livery. This change is a nod to it's hard-working past on the West Coast Mainline when it was part of the loco-hauled coaching stock fleet operated by Virgin Trains in the late 1990s/early 2000s

GB Railfreight


Transferred from Immingham Docks to Doncaster Roberts Road after it's recent arrival into the UK

GB Railfreight

92040 / 92045

Both of these long-term stored loco's have now departed Brush Traction, Loughborough Works with the site currently being wound down prior to closure. Both loco's have been transported by road to Worksop. With both currently lacking bogies, and no doubt many internal parts, is a transfer to somewhere other than a scrapyard a sign of hope that we may one day see these loco's run again?

Great Northern / Great Western Railway / Gatwick Express

387202 / 387204 / 387205 / 387206

After their recent lease to Great Western Railway came to an end, these units have now returned to Great Northern on lease from Gatwick Express and are back in service

Great Western Railway


This unit has now transferred from storage at Eastleigh Works to it's home at Reading Traincare where it will hopefully be prepped for some mainline test runs

Great Western Railway


This newly converted bi-mode unit has now transferred from Reading Traincare Depot to Eastleigh Works for storage purposes

Great Western Railway / Gatwick Express


This is the final of the on lease units to depart Reading Traincare Depot and return to Hornsey. It is anticipated that it will join the others that have left Reading in re-commencing their lease with Great Northern from Gatwick Express although we await final confirmation of this

Greater Anglia


This unit has now transferred from Derby Litchurch Lane to Worksop Sidings for store pending the commencement of mainline testing / fault free running

Greater Anglia


This unit has now entered revenue earning service with Greater Anglia

Greater Anglia


Transferred from Worksop Sidings to Derby Litchurch Lane

London North Western Railway


This unit has now left Old Dalby after a period of test work on the test track and has transferred to Oxley TMD for store pending commencement of mainline testing

Northern Trains

153307 / 153328

Both of these units are now officially off lease from Northern Trains and have transferred from Newton Heath TMD to Ely Papworth Sidings for storage pending a very uncertain future

Northern Trains / East Midland Railway


This unit has today transferred north to Newton Heath TMD to begin the latest chapter of it's long running life as it transfers from East Midlands Railway to Northern Trains

Off Lease (ex Great Northern)


Another one bites the dust as this unit becomes the 19th of the "happy" fleet to be dragged to it's doom, this one arriving at Sims Metal at Newport Docks earlier this week for scrapping

Southeastern Railway


In possibly the first indication of what the future holds for this fleet, this unit has now transferred from Worksop Sidings to Ely Papworth Sidings - with Ely often seen as a final resting place before the final journey to a scrapyard, there is not much hope for this networker

Southeastern Railway


This is the latest of this fleet to receive it's new Southeastern Blue livery with "City Beam" branding following it's recent transfer from SWR and having been in the SWT Red, Orange & Blue livery previously

Transport for Wales

197008 / 197010

These units are now complete and have been transferred to the Telford International Railfreight Terminal at Donnington for storage pending onward transfer to a depot

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