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May 2021

05 June 2021

Please note that the dates specified are the dates the detail was changed on this website and are not specifically when the event happened. The actual event stated in the detail section would have occurred between the date stated below and the previous site update date.


Great Western Railway


This unit has been renamed Lincoln Callaghan / Henry Cleary in honour of 2 youngsters from the GWR region who have raised amazing amounts of money for charity


153301 / 153304 / 153315 / 153316 / 153317 / 153351 / 153352 / 153378

Each of these units are now officially stored at Heaton TMD with their future uncertain

Southern Railway

377442 / 377342

Having been renumbered to 377342 when carriage 78842 was removed due to damage, this unit has now returned to it's 377442 designation following the return of the damaged carriage taking it back up to the standard 4 car unit

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