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railway news

March 2021

22 March 2021

Please note that the dates specified are the dates the detail was changed on this website and are not specifically when the event happened. The actual event stated in the detail section would have occurred between the date stated below and the previous site update date.


Avanti West Coast


This Voyager has now received the AWC Green & Silver livery having previously been in the ex VTWC Red and Silver

GB Railfreight


This newly acquired, ex European loco has now been outshopped in it's new BR Railfreight Construction livery "in recognition of the contribution made by the aggregate and construction companies in keeping the country moving"



Bit delayed with this item, but this unit has now been transferred back to depot having been involved in the accident at Kirkby last week. With the Class 777's now on the scene, it is highly unlikely that Merseyrail will repair this unit and so it's next trip could be to the scrapman

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