17th April 2021

Telford Steam Railway

A New Arrival!

The Telford Steam Railway are pleased to announce the purchase of British Rail Class 142 "Pacer" No. 142058 from Angel Trains.

The 142 unit will join 144013 in providing an accewssible service to all as well as operating trains on our line at a lower cost"

(Info taken from @TSRHeritage Twitter feed)

19 February 2021

Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society

LMS 10000 Project

Work to convert 58022 into a recreated version of the first ever British mainline diesel electric locomotive, LMS 10000, goes on.

Having moved the donor locomotive to Wirksworth, the group's base on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, today saw the arrival of the ex EM2 bogies, purchased from the EM2 Locomotive Society. Having this important part of the project is a major step forward for the group and, with the hope of covid restrictions easing in coming months, will allow the group to really move forward with the challenge of recreating a piece of British railway heritage.

For more in depth news visit their website here - https://lms10000.co.uk/news

31 March 2021

Mid-Suffolk Light Railway

Line Extension Works

During the various stages of the Covid 19 restrictions, the Mid-suffolk Light Railway have still been able to make significant progress on their main project of extending the line.

The first major advance was the preparation and tidying around the Dovebrook platform, which also included the building of a new footbridge to access both the station and picnic areas. This work was carried out by the Middy Infrastructure Team. On March 1st TES2000 Network Rail Contractors carried out more heavy lifting for the MSLR beyond Dovebrook taking the line to the beginning of the climb to the final destination. The TES eight man team extended the track some 73 metres closer to the long held aim of adding a further 500 metres to the track length. The work also included crossing the divide caused by the public footpath and installing a new public foot crossing. A 360 degree road/rail digger was employed with the Middy’s own works train in support.

This is the first time that the track has been extended for 15 years. The new section follows the existing track bed and when completed, will enhance the visitor experience of this unique Edwardian Railway by more than doubling the length of demonstration journey and giving passengers a ‘destination’, Aspall Halt, where the line will terminate. The construction is being modelled on the old station at Wilby, which had the minimal building and facilities so typical of the cash-strapped Middy.

The MSLR is now renewing its campaign to fund the rest of the track work and the platform at the end of the line - the railway already has the station building - a recovered original MSLR building from the old station at Haughley. Members, friends and the general public are invited to ‘Sponsor-a Sleeper’ for £15.00 each at the Middy website www.mslr.org.uk/middy appeal - sponsors will receive a certificate and chance to win a Driver Experience worth £240.00 in a prize draw.


Photo's courtesy of Brian Scott & Terry Siemers, members & volunteers on the Mid-Suffolk Railway. Photo's must not be re-used without the permission of the copyright holder's!

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