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April 2021

02 August 2021

Please note that the dates specified are the dates the detail was changed on this website and are not specifically when the event happened. The actual event stated in the detail section would have occurred between the date stated below and the previous site update date.


Great Western Railway


This unit has now commenced passenger workings for GWR after it's recent transfer from Great Northern / Gatwick Express

Locomotive Services Ltd / Deltic Preservation Society


Having been under maintenance for a lengthy period, this loco has recently been started up for the first time since June 2020 as it continues it's quest to return to mainline charter duties in the near future

London North Western Railway


Currently at Bletchley TMD receiving the LNWR vinyls

London North Western Railway

350110 / 350124

Both of these units are now sporting the full LNWR Green and Grey livery having previously been in the unbranded Grey

Southeastern Railway

707009 / 707010

Both of these units have now received the Southeastern Blue livery following their transfer from SWR where they previously wore the SWT Red, Orange & Blue livery

Transport for Wales


Completed it's refurb and repaint into the TfW Red & White livery at Alstom, Widnes

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